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rockin' saturday night

2003-05-10, 8:55 p.m.

There's nothing like standing naked, spread-eagle, with your arms in the air, holding onto stirrups hanging from the ceiling.

Get your minds out of the gutter, you pervs... I was in a tanning booth for pete's sake. Yes, I figure I have a good four days of fake-baking ahead of me before I subject myself to South Carolina's natural UV rays on Thursday. And please, no lectures on the dangers of tanning.... I'm no spring chicken and I need to look good while I still can. Heh.

I talked to Heather today. Wheeee! My first real diarylander conversation. We're going to try to hook up when I go to my Kiawah Island meeting next week. Hopefully she and her husband Brian will be able to meet me either for dinner on Wednesday night, or Thursday for lunch and a little beach action. I might even get to meet little Tara!

You know, I sincerely wish that all you guys could be there, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that Heather and I will be sitting on the beach, getting our drink on, and talking about how fucked up all of you are! Hehe! Just kidding... =P

Alrighty then, I think I'm gonna put on my jammy pants, grab an Amstel Light, and watch something on pay per view. Road to Perdition, maybe? That reminds me - I had to laugh when I heard Brian ask Heather in the background, "Does she drink?" Hee!

I hope all you mommies out there enjoy your day tomorrow!

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dried II fresh
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