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2005-04-09, 4:02 p.m.

Well, this is just embarrassing. I pull up my diary to see when the last time I posted was, and the damn notes and comments features have been turned off. I guess that means it's been a while.

Bravo to those of you who gave an over/under the last time I returned from a hiatus.

I guess the best thing I can do right now is try to give a brief synopsis of the last six months. I could sum it up by saying, "I've been working and traveling... it's been great," but that would probably be cheating.

For some reason I'm having a difficult time recalling anything that happened between September and December.... it was pretty much one trip after another, with nothing too eventful to speak of.

I do know that the one good thing that happened was in November... a girl transferring from our Boston office to New Jersey. I have a new friend! And she's single! And likes to go out! And I can't seem to stop using exclamation points! Seriously, Cheryl is really cool, and it's nice having someone at work who lives nearby (and also likes to watch television!) and will eat sushi with me. Because I'm ALL about the sushi now.

New Years Eve was spent at a club in SoHo, and I REALLY don't see why anyone would want to spend an entire night in Times Square. Just getting through the crowd to my hotel room was a nightmare. And no alcohol?? That's just not right. The club was a lot of fun... couldn't for the life of me tell you the name of it, but it was hip, and crowded, and all the things a nightclub in SoHo should be, and well worth the effort it took just to get in the door.

January was eventful, to say the least. We had our National Sales Meeting, where I had to present to the entire 300-person sales force, and hooked up with one of our sales reps from Maine... but the BEST part... the absolute best part is where Kristine got rip-roaring, stupid drunk at our awards banquet, was "walking" around in front of our president on a broken heel, absolutely refused to go to her room or be taken out of there, and then proceeded to SCREAM at me in front of everyone about what a hypocrite I was, because... I've been drunk before? And she sees how it is? Yeah, I have no idea.

I'm not sure where all of that intense anger toward me came from. I think it might have to do with the fact that I was spending a lot of time with Cheryl, and Kristine's married and not really all that happy and can't do the things she used to do, but - I'm sorry. There's absolutely no excuse for going off on me the way she did, when I was only trying to save her drunk ass and get her out of the room. We never even spoke about it after that, which naturally made me even more angry because she couldn't remember a thing, but was told that she went off on me, but never made an effort to talk to me about it. So, we haven't really spoken at all since then. Lately it's become civil "hey girl" kind of comments, but it's not the same at all. Which is really sad.

At the end of January, we had a surgeon meeting at Steamboat Springs, where I made my third attempt at skiing. I also hooked up with that same rep from Maine again; however, this time I was on crutches after my first day on the slopes. Luckily, Cheryl was with me to witness my swan dive into an Aspen tree, and my subsequent journey in the "burrito," which is what the ski patrol called the litter contraption they used to haul my ass off the slopes behind a snowmobile. (Cheryl at least got a fun ride on the back of the snowmobile.)

The next few weeks pretty much sucked, because I couldn't do anything for myself and everything hurt. Luckily, I got off with only a sprained left ankle and a four-inch gash on my right shin. How that leg didn't break in half is beyond me... it's what took the brunt of the tree, and actually split open from the impact. There's also a two-by-three inch area of skin that's completely dead. The doctor said the nerve endings were destroyed from the hit. It's still really strange to shave my leg on that spot, heh.

I was able to start traveling again in March, and went home to Memphis for one of my best friend's wedding, and then to Japan, which I just returned from. This time in Japan I was completely by myself, but had a really nice time traveling to Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Miyazaki. More on that trip in a future entry.

Right now I'm recovering from SARS, or maybe just a cold, and feel like death. Naturally, it's the first weekend I've been home in over a month, and it's beautiful outside, and I'm too sick to enjoy it. Oh well, I have about 45 hours of shows recorded on my tivo right now, and intend to watch every single one of them.

I'll make no promises for the future of this journal... only that I do miss it and I do miss the journals I was reading regularly. People have switched journals and have had babies and... it's just too much. I'm out of the loop. I hate being out of the loop.

Damn, and I just realized that my journal's all f'ud up because my membership expired, and nothing looks right, and I hate that too. I'm not even positive this will work when I hit add entry. I guess we'll see.


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