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2004-08-26, 1:09 p.m.

This morning I really struggled to get to work. I've been having some difficulty sleeping lately, so last night I took some Nyquil before I went to bed. Normally, Nyquil doesn't affect me the next day, but I guess my being so tired tripled it's effect on me.

Even after I woke up, I just sort of lollygagged around the house, played on the internet, etc. All of a sudden I realized it was 9:00, and I hadn't even been in the shower yet. (I usually get to the office around 8:30.)

I got to the office at about 9:45. About five minutes later, my cell phone vibrated, and I could see that the call was coming from somewhere in the office. When I answered it, it was my assistant , Amy, who sits two cubes down from me. Heh.

"Ira wanted me to call you to make sure you were ok."

Yeah, so I didn't exactly call in to say I was going to be late, either. So I was all (non-chalantly, of course), "Oh yeah.... I'm fine. I'm actually sitting at my desk."

"Oh! Well, you missed Tim (our president) this morning. You got a reward for [employee] of the month."

"Ha. Yeah... ok, whatever. Sorry I didn't call to let you know I was going to be late."

"No, I'm serious."

At that point somebody walked by my desk. "Congratulations, Paige!" (*snerk*)


Kristine later told me that the award was actually for my product team, which consists of me (as product manager), an engineer, and a guy from manufacturing. [Personally, I think it's kind of a bullshit award, because it was for our quick response and crisis management for a problem that never should have happened in the first place, but whatever.]

She said when Tim called my name, everyone clapped, and then sloooowly started looking around for me.

Hee hee.

I think that that visual alone will kick my butt into gear the next time I have the urge for an early-morning lollygag.

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dried II fresh
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