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2003-05-08, 6:20 p.m.

There is no better way to win the respect of your coworkers, than to bring in cupcakes for breakfast.

Last night I got a craving, so I made carrot cupcakes with french vanilla (freedom vanilla?) icing. Mmmmmm. And of course since next Thursday is the season opener for my swimsuit exhibition, I thought it wise to only eat four or five and bring the rest in for the gang. I rock right now.

I was glad (as, I'm sure, was the rest of the country) that Josh got voted off last night, but I am glad that he went out on a good note. I even liked his rendition of "To Love Somebody". Yes, me... the hater of all things country. I liked it. I actually got a little teary during his final song. Damn babies. They get me every time.

I just got back from the doctor.... I went to try to do something about my headaches which have worsened over the past several weeks. I'm sure it's the stress of the new job, new boss, etc.

I pretty much always have a headache - they've been chronic for about the past ten years or so - and they're either at a tolerable level, or at a level that makes me.... um.... "moody". They are currently somewhere in between, and I'm just trying to head them off at the pass.

My doc is really cool; it's been since July since I had an appointment with her, and she was so excited about how much better I look. When I moved up here last January I was pretty depressed/stressed about the move, leaving my friends and family, and the new job. I ended up losing about 15 pounds, which wouldn't have been so bad if I weighed more than 125 pounds at 5'8" in the first place. Like Nicole I've always been thin, but not "scary skinny" like I became last year.

I also had a *lot* of anxiety and I think she was pretty worried about me at the time. Well, I've gained my weight back and - in general - am currently a pretty happy person. Even though I feel stressed now, it really put it into perspective for me to compare it to how I dealt with the stress last year. It made me feel good to know that she remembered me and was pleased with how I got through it.

She gave me something to help me sleep, and some mild pain medicine for throughout the day. If I can just keep things at the level that I'm at now, and maybe sleep a little better, I'll be solid.

Random thought: There are 800+ people employed here, and occsionally we get a company-wide email message saying that "a cell phone has been found in the cafeteria", or "a watch has been found in the ladies rest room". Naturally, I understand that they have to be vague, knowing that the rightful owner should be able to call up and describe said cell phone or watch.

We just got an email which reads, "Two passports have been found in Building 2." Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't those usually come with a handy little photo and identification page, which would easily and quite quickly point out who they belong to??? If I lost my passport and the dumbass receptionist didn't call me and tell me about it? I would have her head. Dumbass.

Ok, I'm off to a surgeon dinner in the City. Kristine and I are riding in together and sharing a hotel room, so hopefully we'll be able to catch up on a little girl talk. I haven't been able to read anybody's diary today, and it's killing me. Heh. Man, this shit is addictive.

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dried II fresh
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