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2004-08-27, 5:11 p.m.

The Houston boys are in town again... I'm not exactly at the top of Tom's speed dial list, but sweet little Nate still loves hanging out whenever we're in the same city.

Both of them are here today with another Houston rep (Roman) and three of their surgeons. They all have some fancy schmancy business dinner tonight, but are back to being regular fun people tomorrow night. And that's where Kristine and I come in, heh.

Unfortunately, the freakin Republican National Convention is in town, so it's not going to be exactly easy maneuvering my way around town. But I figure if I leave my house at, oh... NOON or something, I should make it to dinner on time.

I'm not even going to TRY to get my ass back to Jersey after dinner... I've already booked a room for Kristine and I at the Michelangelo, which is normally $395 per night, but for some reason is only $195 this weekend. Woot! I figure if I can bamboozle Ira into letting me expense it ("Yes we discussed A LOT of business at dinner that night... here's the receipt. Oh wait!... that's the bar tab...") then I'll be golden.

I probably should be a little careful though... yesterday's "award" drew more attention to me than I would've liked. Last night on his way out Ira stopped by my desk and said, "So, I should see you... when? By 11 tomorrow?" Snerk.

Ira made a funny.

By the way, in case those of you who have been reading me a long time are concerned, there are absolutely NO feelings for Tom anymore. WHATSOEVER. God, I must've been in a creepy, dark place back then to have allowed the situation to get out of control like that. We're friends - actually, I wouldn't even say we are friends anymore, unfortunately. It's more like friendly.

Yes, we're friendly, and that's about it. Shit, speak of the devil.....

Well, that wasn't too awkward.... luckily I heard Ira call out, "Tom!" before he hit my desk. Generally speaking it was a friendly conversation. I asked him how the home life was, and his reply was, "Still there. Haven't been thrown out yet. Well.... not exactly thrown out...."

"So there's a couch or two in your future?"

"I've been sleeping upstairs a lot. (pause) A LOT actually."

Awwwww. Boo hoo.


Aaaaanyway, should be a fun night, because Roman and Nate are a blast to hang out with, and I know that at least two of the three surgeons are pretty laid back as well.

As long as we don't get mobbed by naked protestors, everything should be great!

Oh, I forgot.... Human George is bringing Zoe by this weekend to see how she gets along with Furry George. I have a feeling that - regardless of the outcome - I'll probably have a new kitty come Monday morning.

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dried II fresh
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